Buddha statues gilding
  Laozi statue in Maoshan mountain   The sculpture is located on the top of Maoshan mountain. The right hand of the statue is holding a book and the left hand points to the sky. His expression is austere and gentle at the same time, as if he was teaching to people. “The Tao begets one; one begets two; two begets three; three begets the myriad creatures”. The sculpture is decorated with real Jinling Gold Foil’ material, and glitters, as if the founder of Taoism was still telling people about the nature laws.       Changzhou Filial Piety garden   The 21.9-meter-high Cundi Avalokitesvara statue made in Changzhou Filial Piety garden is located in the Jiangnan Grottoes, and is the highest indoor seated Avalokitesvara statue in China. This statue of Avalokitesvara is intended to bring the divine blessing to earth to rescue sentient beings.       Avalokitesvara   Six-armed Avalokitesvara is one of the dharma aspects of Avalokitesvara. Different aspects show different dharmas in different environments. Six arms is the table six degrees of Polomi, fearlessness, and fighting demons. People gild Buddha statues to express their reverence to the Avalokitesvara!     Buddha statue in Dou Shuai temple, Jiujiang   Dou Shuai temple is located in Changtan village, Zhajin town, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, which is a picturesque place. The scale of the Buddhist temple is the largest in Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi Provinces. It covers a total area of 120,000 square meters and a building area of 50,000 square meters. In the original site on the axis were built Wenshu temple, The Temple of Heaven, Daxiong temple, the Tibetan temple and other major halls and buildings. Jinling Gold Foil artists used 98% of pure real gold foil to gild Buddha statues and make them sparkle.       [Introduction] In order to make oneself splendid and gorgeous, and extend oneself to a gilded Buddha’s image.  From the totems of the original tribes to the gold temples, gold foil connection to religion has never been broken. Gilding Buddha statues is a common trend since the ancient times.     [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.
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Ancient buildings engineering projects
Forbidden City   Jinling Gold Foil is the only gold foil supplier for Peking Forbidden City for its long history, fine quality and considerate service. The Forbidden City in Peking is the Imperial Palace of Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty in China. Located in the center of Pecking's central axis, it reflects the essence of ancient Chinese palace architecture. Forbidden City is one of the largest and best-preserved ancient wooden structure buildings in the world.     Tienanmen square     Gilding the Tienanmen square is equivalent to adding luster to state-level structures. Located in the center of Pecking, the capital of China, Tienanmen square covers an area of 4800 square meters,and it is known by the world for its outstanding architectural art and its special political status.     Potala Palace     In 1992, "Jinling"’ gold foil entered in the Potala Palace, opening the door of the Tibetan Buddhist market.Potala Palace, built on a mountain base with overlapping buildings, is an outstanding representative of Tibetan-style ancient architecture (told to have originated from Sangzhuzzong castle), that is, the essence of the ancient architecture of the Chinese nation.       Summer Palace   Jinling Gold Foil supplies gilding services for Summer Palace. As the best-preserved royal garden, Summer Palace sits in the western suburbs of Peking.Known as the "Royal Garden museum", it is also a national tourist key-attraction.     Lama Temple   Lama Temple is probably the most characteristic Buddhist temple in China during the middle and late Qing Dynasty.Redoning the charm and the shine of the ancient buildings and architectures, Jinling Gold Foil not only deposits the long history of Intangible Cultural Heritage, but also reflects the persistent craftsmanship of long-term working gold foil artisans!        [Introduction] According to the the Tiangong kaiwu or The Exploitation of the Works of Nature , “Since gold represents gorgeousness and value, people invented gold foil to apply gold qualities on articles”. Gilding craft in Chinese architecture first appeared in Dunhuang Grottoes and became popular in Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. This gilding craft has been widely used, and here are some representative buildings: gold buildings are: the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Lama Temple and so on.  [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.      
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Gilding outdoor statues
  Forever blooming  bauhinia   On the 1 July 1997, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was established, and the Central Government celebrated the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Chinese government presented a gilded bronze statue called “Forever Blooming Bauhinia” to Hong Kong. The statue was coated with Jinling Gold Foil to make it shinier.     Flourishing lotus   In 1999, Jinling Gold Foil decorated "Macao flourishing lotus" as a gift from Chinese government to the Macao Special Administrative Region.     Gold Foil Hometown Monument   Gold Foil Base monument is a large-sized sculpture of two craftsmen hammering gold foil together. To gild a statue with gold foil means to promote the Nanjing gold foil forging technique, that is an intangible cultural heritage, and also a commemoration of craftsmen and their skills!     Magnolia sculpture in Shanghai Tobacco Factory   Adopting both the image of Shanghai city symbol, the magnolia, together with Jinling’s gold foil, enrich magnolia’s symbols of the sculpture standing in Shanghai Tobacco Factory.       A gleam of hope in Xuanwu, Nanjing   Nanjing Xuanwu's sculpture, named A gleam of hope represents a youthful spirit vital momentum.The sculpture is gilded with Jinling brand 98% pure gold foil for a shiny and bright effect.                [Introduction] We have undertaken gliding projects for national-level sculptures and statues, such as the “Forever blooming bauhinia” and the “Flourishing lotus”. Gilding techniques has a breath-taking effect.  [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.  
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Gilding interiors decorations
Gilded decorations for the Great Hall of the People The Great Hall of the People is the meeting place of the National People's Congress of China and the office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Jinling Gold Foil had the luck to decorate its internal buildings.     Golden Yuanbao Hotel gilded decorations effect   Golden Yuanbao Hotel is part of Nanjing Gold Foil Group. Hotels are built according to a European style, with carved beam and painted rafters, all with shiny gold foil. This hotel chain has been known as "Jiangning district external window, treasure-land for gathering merchants", according to the local reputation. Use Jinling brand for gilding real gold foil assure you the best quality!     Kaifeng Grand Hotel gold leaf decoration effect Gold foil-made decorations are applied as an internal decoration, in order to make the hall appears more light, elegant and brilliant, so that guests can feel the magnificence and the brand quality.   MGM Macao   Located in the area of Macao's new port, Meigaoai Macau is a five-star casino hotel with a floor area of 2 million square meters, with a height of 154 meters and a height of 35 floors. Inside, interior decorations are made using gold foil in order to display a sense of luxury and distinction.   MGM Macao (2)    [Introduction] Gilded indoor and outdoor modern architecture. Even a small amount of gold can change the look of the hall. Gold interprets in the best way the magnificent elegance and noble. Gilded with gold foil inside and outside, this modern structure is seemingly made of gold thanks to a tiny amount of gold to display elegance, luxury, brilliance, and magnificence. [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.
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Golden signboard
  CCTV golden signboard.   CCTV is the national television station of the People's Republic of China, established on May 1, 1958. CCTV (China International Television), Central Committee People’s Broadcasting and China Radio International, established the Central Radio and Television Station as a direct institution of the State Council, under the leadership of the Ministry of Propaganda. Although the title remains the same in the central system, it is widely known as the “Voice of China” by the public. CCTV gold signboard was hold by Jinling Gold Foil     Sinopec golden signboard   China Petrochemical Corporation is a large enterprise group established by the state on the basis of the reorganization of the former China Petrochemical Corporation in July 1998, and is a state-owned company, state-authorized investment institution and state holding company.   The picture displays Sinopec signboard, in which the golden decoration has been made by Jinling Gold Foil team.     Nanjing Presidential Palace golden signboard   Nanjing Presidential Palace is a large-scale, well-preserved complex made of modern Chinese architecture, and it also represents Nanjing Republic of Chinese architecture, an important site of modern Chinese history, where there has been established as a museum of modern Chinese history.   Jinling Gold Foil gilded the presidential palace signboard, so that Nanjing's native culture and modern history can continue telling the long history of Nanjing.   Gold foil shines on the signboard, at the same way that history is also deposited in the river of time and remembered forever.   Lao Feng Xiang golden signboard   Lao Feng Xiang is a listed company, one of China’s top 500 companies, one century-old ethnic brand, and a well-known jewelry brand in China.   Jinling Gold Foil gilded Lao Feng Xiang signboard.   The pharmacist's hall sign is gold Pharmacist’s temple golden signboard   Pharmacist temple, also known as Flower Tea temple, is located on the mountainside of Panlong Mountain's Sunlight Peak, Ju County. Mainly known as the “Medicine Buddha”, he is described as a doctor who cures suffering using medicine of his teachings.   Pharmacist's Temple signboard is gilded by Jinling Gold Foil artisans.   [Introduction] Jinling Gold Foil Group Co., Ltd. provides wide-ranging gilding services for signboards of ational landmark buildings, government buildings, institutions and enterprise groups.   We will serve you wholeheartedly and make your signboard shine brightly! [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.
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