Gilding interiors decorations
Gilded decorations for the Great Hall of the People The Great Hall of the People is the meeting place of the National People's Congress of China and the office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Jinling Gold Foil had the luck to decorate its internal buildings.     Golden Yuanbao Hotel gilded decorations effect   Golden Yuanbao Hotel is part of Nanjing Gold Foil Group. Hotels are built according to a European style, with carved beam and painted rafters, all with shiny gold foil. This hotel chain has been known as "Jiangning district external window, treasure-land for gathering merchants", according to the local reputation. Use Jinling brand for gilding real gold foil assure you the best quality!     Kaifeng Grand Hotel gold leaf decoration effect Gold foil-made decorations are applied as an internal decoration, in order to make the hall appears more light, elegant and brilliant, so that guests can feel the magnificence and the brand quality.   MGM Macao   Located in the area of Macao's new port, Meigaoai Macau is a five-star casino hotel with a floor area of 2 million square meters, with a height of 154 meters and a height of 35 floors. Inside, interior decorations are made using gold foil in order to display a sense of luxury and distinction.   MGM Macao (2)    [Introduction] Gilded indoor and outdoor modern architecture. Even a small amount of gold can change the look of the hall. Gold interprets in the best way the magnificent elegance and noble. Gilded with gold foil inside and outside, this modern structure is seemingly made of gold thanks to a tiny amount of gold to display elegance, luxury, brilliance, and magnificence. [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.
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