Gilding outdoor statues
  Forever blooming  bauhinia   On the 1 July 1997, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was established, and the Central Government celebrated the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Chinese government presented a gilded bronze statue called “Forever Blooming Bauhinia” to Hong Kong. The statue was coated with Jinling Gold Foil to make it shinier.     Flourishing lotus   In 1999, Jinling Gold Foil decorated "Macao flourishing lotus" as a gift from Chinese government to the Macao Special Administrative Region.     Gold Foil Hometown Monument   Gold Foil Base monument is a large-sized sculpture of two craftsmen hammering gold foil together. To gild a statue with gold foil means to promote the Nanjing gold foil forging technique, that is an intangible cultural heritage, and also a commemoration of craftsmen and their skills!     Magnolia sculpture in Shanghai Tobacco Factory   Adopting both the image of Shanghai city symbol, the magnolia, together with Jinling’s gold foil, enrich magnolia’s symbols of the sculpture standing in Shanghai Tobacco Factory.       A gleam of hope in Xuanwu, Nanjing   Nanjing Xuanwu's sculpture, named A gleam of hope represents a youthful spirit vital momentum.The sculpture is gilded with Jinling brand 98% pure gold foil for a shiny and bright effect.                [Introduction] We have undertaken gliding projects for national-level sculptures and statues, such as the “Forever blooming bauhinia” and the “Flourishing lotus”. Gilding techniques has a breath-taking effect.  [Business cooperation] If you need to gild an artwork, please contact us by clicking the Reach Us Online button.  
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